Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Engagement Story: Part One

The first question people always ask me once they find out I'm engaged is, "How did he do it!?" And despite having told this story well over a hundred times now, I'm still not sick of remembering & sharing the best day of my life (so far) with anyone willing to listen!

On May 27, the morning of my 24th birthday, Aaron woke me up at 7:30 am to go hiking.  The location was a surprise, in fact, my whole birthday weekend was a surprise.  The following were the only clues that I was given: I needed a party dress for the night of my birthday, I couldn't use my phone or internet until he said so, and I wasn't allowed to make any plans (even to go grocery shopping) until Monday morning.  That morning we got dressed, got in the car, and ended up at Sam McDonald Park. It is a place very dear to Aaron and I's hearts, as we often regard it as the place where we truly fell in love and had been exactly one year prior.  So right away, I knew there was something special about this morning.  It was there, at the top of the hike in the secluded Hiker's Hut, that Aaron got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.  I was beyond happy and we spent the next twenty minutes or so embracing, kissing, crying, and celebrating the beginning of a very exciting journey together.

After taking me to a salon to get my nails "ring worthy", relaxing at home, and taking a short nap, we finally got ready to leave for dinner.  I still had no idea where we were going but I put on my fancy Milly dress we picked out together and headed out the door.  I was super ready to spend a quiet evening alone together really soaking in the day's exciting & emotional events; so, you can only imagine my surprise when I walked in the doors of Local Mission Eatery to find all of our friends and family members waiting anxiously for us in the back of the restaurant!  Aaron had flown my Mom, Dad, little sister Mary Catharine, and my niece Caroline all the way to San Francisco from my home state of Florida to be present for this special occasion.  His Mom and her wife, Ronda were there and he had also flown his Dad and his wife, Roxane, in from New Jersey!  I was in tears just seeing everyone that we loved, and that truly loved us, together in one room to celebrate our love.  The feeling is completely indescribable and still brings warmth and joy to my heart.  The other surprise was for my family.  You see, Aaron had sent out invitations 3 months prior to inform everyone of a Surprise Birthday Party, so they didn't know they'd be coming to celebrate our engagement (I mean, they had their suspicions, but Aaron is one heck of a secret keeper)!  The look on my mother's face was priceless and watching my Dad cry with joy as he told me how proud he was of me are memories I will cherish forever.  It was so much fun and I couldn't have asked for anything more.

This is definitely the short, nice, "wrapped up in a bow" version of what happened that day {read: I complained the whole hike and made every attempt to ruin his surprise - but hey, don't we all ladies?} Perhaps down the line, I'll have a separate page with the long version, should you care to read it.  Be sure to check back tomorrow for My Engagement Story: Part Two where I'll tell you all of my favorite details from the day and Aaron's helpful hints that helped made this surprise birthday/engagement celebration the best ever!

All photos were taken by the lovely Kristy at Volatile Photography.  Be sure to check back tomorrow where I'll talk about my experience with Kristy and our thoughts on professional photography in Part Two. 

Top Image: The Maid of Honor, Laurel, & The Best Man (and ringleader to this whole event), Vince.  
Bottom Image: Mary Catharine (sister), Me, & Caroline (niece) doing the "Ana" pose 


Deborah said...

Hi Ana-

I LOVE your blog. It is so you...sweet and elegant with a touch of whimsy. I have a funny little side note to share with you about the awesome surprise party that Aaron orchestrated. At 10pm the night before the party I got a phone call from Aaron, there was a slight panic in his voice, "Mom...I completely forgot to order a birthday cake!!!" It turns out that Aaron and the ringleader, Vince, were so focused on the "Engagement" aspect of the party that they forgot to order a special dessert. So with the help of their web site and a very early morning phone call to the owner of "Vanilla Moon Bakery" in San Carlos...the springtime cupcakes were a sweet ending to an amazing day. Have fun : )

ana {luckyinlovesf} said...

My "West Coast Mommas" are the best!

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